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I'm Sara, mama to Nathan and local to Sea Bright, NJ. I love helping new families as they embark on their parenthood journey. I believe the care and support you receive in the first few days and weeks with your little one can set the tone for the rest of your parent-child relationship. 

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My Story

I was called to serve families postpartum after experiencing deeply nourishing and restorative postpartum doula care during those first few weeks with my son. I love providing new families with the gift of time to bond with their new child and of a steady presence to build their parenting confidence alongside. I serve new families by anticipating and attending to the many changing needs in the early postpartum period - rest and recovery from birth, facilitating baby-parent bonding, setting up the home to service new baby care, baby care guidance and truly finding your confidence and intuition as a parent. I began my CAPPA certification process in the summer of 2023. 

As a later-in-life new parent I remember feeling deep love for my new child, but was unprepared for the realities of being a novice again! It was with a lot of love and the steady confidence building of postpartum support that I found my footing as a a parent. Building that parenting confidence in the early weeks postpartum truly sets up your parent-child relationship for life. I believe in highly nurturing, deeply attuned parenting. I believe in seeing and honoring your child as a whole and unique human being from the moment they arrive earthside. I believe in prioritizing the mother-baby dyad through deep nurturing of the mother postpartum. 

In addition to serving postpartum families, I train Jiu Jitsu and love hanging out in nature, especially the beach, with my son. I love curling up with my dog and reading a wonderful book or writing about my parenting journey. Take a peak at my substack here


Let's talk about the support your growing family needs.


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