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Babies come with a lot of stuff! Getting all that stuff ready for baby's arrival and organized is not only a specialty of mine, but a true joy. 

  • Cleaning & sterilizing pump parts and bottles

  • Cleaning, folding & organizing baby clothes

  • Setting up baby care stations in your home

  • Functional nursery organizing and set up


Once you're home with a baby and you start getting into your rhythm, you may find that you need your home to function a little better. 

  • Organizing postpartum care supplies

  • Postpartum care stations

  • Baby care stations

  • Pump set up and pumping station set up


Everything can feel a little overwhelming after the arrival of your little one. I'm here to help you figure out what resources you need and help you find them.

  • Connection to breastfeeding support professionals

  • Navigating when and where to access additional professional support

  • New parent support groups and other emotional health resources

  • Care supplies, book recommendations and lots of recommendations for all that other stuff that makes life a little easeier


It's true, babies don't come with instruction manuals. It is so important to build your confidence in caring for your child step by step, day by day. I'm here to help coach you through all your new baby care questions until you feel like a pro!

  • How to bathe, diaper, dress and clip those tiny nails

  • Newborn sleep hygiene and safety (& knowing whats normal!)

  • Breastfeeding and pumping support


No matter how you birth your baby, your post-birth recovery is critical. Carrying and birthing a baby is some of the hardest work a human body can do. I'll help you find ways to care for your post-birth body, and get those all-important pockets of rest.

  • Emotional support around birthing and understanding your new postpartum self

  • Serving nourishing and nutritious snacks and meals that aid in your recovery

  • Preparing sitz baths and helping with other recovery 'rituals'

  • Restocking and organizing postpartum care supplies

  • Discussing your rest needs and working to help you find rest pockets throughout your postpartum time

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